Stewart Wurtz Furniture
Exquisitely crafted, Northwest inspired, timeless design



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Exquisitely crafted, Northwest inspired, timeless design



Stewart Wurtz Furniture has over thirty years of experience designing and building custom furniture in the Pacific Northwest. Stewart—the owner—works with a small team of talented craftsman to produce the finest in handmade furniture



I strive for an economy of form in my work; I like to use simple lines complemented with exquisite details that reveal the process, structure, and craftsmanship. My designs pay homage to the wonder and beauty of our natural environment. The unique shape and characteristics found in the wood selected helps inspire the design



In combining wood with other materials—like metal—the contrast between them can enhance each material and encourage new discoveries. Sourcing reclaimed hardwood lumber from the Pacific Northwest is a core part of our mission to sustainability



Stewart Wurtz Furniture specializes in creating custom solutions for our clients. Each design is developed as an expression of the client and a response to the environment in which it will be used. The design goes through iterations of drawings and 3D mock-ups until the perfect solution in form is found. The details develop out of this exploration and crystallize as the final material is worked. Our team then fabricates a product that is distinct, beautifully crafted, and harmonious with its surroundings



Our mission is to produce the finest work possible, including uncompromising solutions for furniture, interiors and custom built-ins